Global Loyalty’s areas of expertise

Gaining the loyalty of your customers is a complex process. At Global Loyalty, we are experts in the planning and implementation of loyalty and engagement schemes. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you to achieve every business’s ultimate goal – getting your customers to reach a tipping point in the way that they feel and behave which translates into a strong preference for your brand, its products and services.

When our clients come to us for assistance, we engage them in our proven four-step process for delivering customer loyalty. Each step can be completed sequentially, which we recommend, or you can choose one or more element in isolation dependent on your specific needs. Our services attract different fees based on your organisation’s requirements and the duration of the project. We aim to make our services accessible for businesses of all sizes, so please do get in touch with us and we will provide you with a quote.


1. Customer Loyalty Audit

As the first step in the process, our experienced team will conduct a review of your current situation. We examine your business, industry, brand, consumers, competitors, internal priorities and marketplace, in order to identify where you are performing well, and where there is room for improvement.

By conducting workshops and interviews with key stakeholders, analysing your data, and using existing internal research, external research and white papers, we construct a detailed picture of your organisation, which will inform the development and planning of your customer loyalty strategy.

2. Development / Planning

During step two of the process, our team identify opportunities for improvement and diversification using the customer loyalty audit, and consult with you to decide where you want to be and which SMART objectives you wish to establish. We help you to explore potential segmentation models and improvements for in-store experience, and assist in the development of customer value propositions (CVPs).

We isolate your areas of opportunity by examining the top 20 differentiators that separate organisations that enjoy true loyalty from their customers, and those that don’t, benchmarking your strengths and weaknesses in the process. The areas that hold the most potential are then organised into the ‘key pillars of optimisation’, which can include:

  • Establishment of a member or rewards program, (or the revamp of your existing one),
  • A partners and Affiliate program,
  • development of a modern communication program,
  • data analysis to uncover key insights,
  • data cleansing processes,
  • Software and Hardware solutions.

By the end of this stage of the process, you will have a comprehensive customer loyalty strategy that is ready to be implemented.

3. Implementation
At the implementation stage, our experienced consultants are here to help you deliver your customer loyalty program. We have the capacity to manage your program completely, including managing partnerships and communications, but in most cases we work in collaboration with internal teams. As part of the implementation process, Global Loyalty will work with you to:

  • Appoint working groups for the key pillars of optimisation
  • Develop staffing plans
  • Allocate budgets
  • Agree roadmaps and timelines
  • Develop test, measurement and analysis plans and matrix
  • Implement a staff incentive plan
  • Build internal and external communications plans
4. Testing, Measuring and Reporting

It is imperative to measure the success of your customer loyalty project against SMART objectives, in order to refine, improve and drive customer engagement. Our team will:

  • Put in place an in-depth and sustainable testing plan to ensure optimum performance. If you don’t test and learn you won’t know which direction to take your initiatives in.
  • Measure all activity so that you can keep track of your areas of success and opportunity. If you don’t measure, you are unable to evidence your program’s return on investment.
  • Produce a reporting dashboard which will become your one source of truth. Your dashboard details the results being achieved against your objectives and strategies.