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The Global Loyalty team are a knowledgeable and creative group of professionals who can help you in your pursuit of true customer loyalty. Our staff have experience in a range of disciplines including loyalty marketing, customer relationship marketing, stakeholder management, communications, social media and email marketing, and have worked within various industry sectors including retail, FMCG, insurance, automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical & healthcare, property, and IT. If you are looking to collaborate with an adaptable, responsive and highly-qualified customer loyalty consultancy, that will go the extra mile to meet your goals and exceed your expectations, then contact us now. We can help you build brand loyalty across all channels to market.


Sarah RichardsonGeneral Manager
Sarah Richardson has over 20 years of working experience in the corporate world, most recently as General Manager of loyalty, social media and research at Myer Holdings, the largest department store chain in Australia. In her career, Sarah has held various marketing positions across a range of industry sectors including retail, FMCG, insurance, automotive, telecommunications, property, and IT.

She tutored Direct Marketing at QUT and held the position of State chairman for the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) for many years.

Elizabeth HanlonCommunications Manager
With over a decade and a half of working with high involvement brands across both Australia and the United Kingdom, Liz Hanlon is a motivated and relationship focused marketing and communications specialist.

Liz’s career has been built on successfully creating forward-thinking ideas, driven by the business needs of her clients and providing innovative solutions for brands such as Australia Post, Bank of Melbourne, Westfield, Westpac, Telstra, NatWest/Bank of Scotland, SA Government, Marks and Spencers, RACGP and Morrisons.

Liz has experience in developing and implementing complete through-the-line campaigns for clients, including creating and managing website content, email marketing, social media and online advertising campaigns.

Sarah-Jade BrownPartnership Manager
Sarah-Jade Brown is a relationship focused marketing and communications specialist with several years experience working with high involvement brands.

Sarah’s career has been built successfully gaining experience and commercial knowledge within large corporate organisations, including Coles and Snooze Pty Ltd, as well as agency environments, managing national and local consumer brands.

Experienced at developing and implementing above-the-line and below-the-line brand campaigns as well as running short term tactical initiatives including EDMs, consumer promotions, retail offers and POS development.

Client base has included retail, FMCG, manufacturing, services and business to business.

Josie KairouzAdministrative Assistant
Josie Kairouz is an administrative assistant in the clerical and accounting areas. Her primary responsibilities involve clerical tasks, file maintenance, communicating with clients and managing invoicing. Her attentive, systematic approach, comfort in working independently and respect for confidentiality are valuable qualities in the various roles she plays.

Josie is a Health Science graduate. During her universitiy years, she was employed at the largest telecommunications company, Telstra. Whilst at Telstra for several years, Josie’s main focus was customer service but she was also relied upon to complete management tasks and administrative duties.

Working for Telstra gave her extensive experience, knowledge and skills. She was a sales top performer, exceeded customers’ expectations, a quick learner of new technologies and processes and had the ability to adapt to change quickly in a growing fast paced work environment.

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