A bad user experience can undo a lot of hard work when it comes to customer loyalty, especially in competitive environments. Recently, I was bought a gift voucher for one of my favourite department stores. I would consider myself to be fairly engaged with this brand, I visit their outlets regularly (often making purchases) and receive regular email updates from them. However, I had never made a purchase online and thought I would give it a go. To begin with, I was extremely happy – the website made it very easy to find what I was looking for and after browsing for a short time, I found a great deal on some shoes in my size. I then proceeded to checkout, which was when my experience took a turn for the worse.

I used my vouchers to pay half of the amount due, and used my credit card to pay for the rest. However, through no fault of my own the payment failed, and despite my order not processing, the credit was deducted from my vouchers. I then had to go through the process of contacting customer services to get my balance reinstated. To cut a long story short, this situation happened again (despite using a different device and card).

It turns out that I am not alone in being dissatisfied with an online experience – according to a report from SAP, 40% of Australian consumers claimed to be dissatisfied with a digital experience. The research also suggests that there is a strong correlation between digital experience and how loyal a customer is to a business. ‘Delighted’ customers are four times as likely to stay loyal to a brand.

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